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Hey, i'm Julien from France. If you are looking for calendars, you're welcome! Download original calendars and schedules for free on and print them at the office or at home!

You can make three diffferent custom photo calendar too!

Photo Calendar

Make your free photo calendar with one photo! Our photo calendar maker is simple and efficient.

Yearly, monthly, weekly calendar

Print our monthly, yearly and weekly calendars. You can take notes on them!

Ads is "The site" for thoose who are looking for beautiful calendars free of charge. Since 2008 (french version), we have made several templates. Use them, they have informations like week number, moon phases,etc. You can develop your creativity by making your own photo calendar with your photography. Secretary can make a schedule very quickly with our tool (excel and pdf template). If you want another templates, please send us a message with your prototype!

You can check online quickly year's informations like holidays, moon phases, week numbers etc..

Go to if you need a free printable flyer maker