> february 2018 moon calendar

Moon calendar - february 2018

Moon calendar of (february 2018) with moonrise and moonset (UTC), earth-moon and sun-moon distances, moon phases names (New Moon, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Third Quarter, Waning Crescent), illumination and moon age (approximatively 29 days).

phasemoon phaseilluminationageearth distancesun distanceMoonrise Moonset
Thu1@Full Moon99.7%15.3367446.6 km147411671.4 km18:11 07:56
Fri2Full Moon97%16.4370940 km147433188.2 km19:27 08:30
Sat3Waning Gibbous91.8%17.5375186 km147455361.6 km20:43 09:01
Sun4Waning Gibbous84.6%18.6379916.7 km147478184.3 km21:54 09:28
Mon5Waning Gibbous76%19.6384843.5 km147501649 km23:03 09:55
Tue6Third Quarter66.5%20.6389681.8 km147525748.1 km__:__ 10:20
Wed7Third Quarter56.7%21.5394172.8 km147550474 km00:09 10:46
Thu8TThird Quarter46.9%22.4398099.1 km147575818.6 km01:13 11:15
Fri9Third Quarter37.4%23.3401292.4 km147601773.9 km02:16 11:48
Sat10Waning Crescent28.5%24.2403633.9 km147628331.4 km03:13 12:26
Sun11Waning Crescent20.4%25.1405049.7 km147655482.8 km04:08 13:08
Mon12Waning Crescent13.3%26405504.2 km147683219.3 km04:58 13:56
Tue13Waning Crescent7.6%26.9404994.1 km147711532 km05:40 14:50
Wed14New Moon3.3%27.8403545.5 km147740412 km06:19 15:49
Thu15New Moon0.7%28.7401213.2 km147769850 km06:53 16:50
Fri16New Moon0%0.1398083.5 km147799836.7 km07:24 17:56
Sat17New Moon1.2%1394277.5 km147830362.5 km07:50 19:00
Sun18Waxing Crescent4.5%2389952.9 km147861417.7 km08:15 20:08
Mon19Waxing Crescent9.7%3385303.9 km147892992.4 km08:40 21:16
Tue20Waxing Crescent16.7%4380555.5 km147925076.8 km09:05 22:26
Wed21Waxing Crescent25.4%5375953.8 km147957660.5 km09:33 23:37
Thu22First Quarter35.3%6371752.1 km147990733.4 km10:04 __:__
Fri23First Quarter46.2%7368193.4 km148024284.9 km10:39 00:48
Sat24GFirst Quarter57.5%8.1365493.7 km148058304.6 km11:22 02:00
Sun25First Quarter68.5%9.2363824.5 km148092781.6 km12:15 03:06
Mon26Waxing Gibbous78.8%10.3363299.3 km148127705.2 km13:17 04:08
Tue27Waxing Gibbous87.6%11.4363963.2 km148163064.5 km14:27 05:02
Wed28Waxing Gibbous94.3%12.5365786.9 km148198848.2 km15:43 05:47